Be the Master of Your Own Game

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Football fans around the world can now play the Football Master game and create their own dream teams. Football Master is a game for football fans where they can build and manage their own teams. The game is available for both Apple and Android users to download.

Be the Master of Your Own Game

Football Master is a game that lets you live the dream of putting your favorite football athletes into one team and having them play against another fantasy team. The Football Master game will allow you to select from over two thousand real football players. The game is also officially licensed to use the identities and branding content.


The game includes official game formats of football tournaments and competitions around the world. So, you can learn how to design plays and tactics that will best suit the needs of each type of tournament that exists in the real world.

Realistic Team Management Experience

The Football Master game does not simply give you the players to mix and match teams with. You will also have to go through the scouting processes as well. Apart from that, there will be contract signing events as well. This football management game really is like no other game.


Play in tournaments that have different formats and see what it takes to be a team manager.

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